Certified Protection Officer (CPO) Program

Certified Protection Officer Instructors (CPOI’s) are individuals who teach the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) Program, Certified in Security Supervision (CSSM) or a part of any program thereof.

CPOI’s are Certified Protection Officers who have made a significant professional commitment toward advancing themselves as teachers, researchers, mentors and leaders. They are instructors, professors, consultants and supervisors.

CPOI’s teach various topics relating to security and asset protection. They advance the objectives of the IFPO within their respective areas of employment.

Who Can Apply:

CPOs having IFPO Membership

01 Full Year Security Experience

05 Years Teaching Experience or Equivalent

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Who Can Apply?

  • Current designation as a Certified Protection Officer (CPO).
  • Membership in the International Foundation for Protection Officers.
  • Minimum One year full time security experience (part-time requires two years). The experience listed by the candidate must indicate they were completely or primarily responsible for the protection of assets (Security, Crime Prevention or Loss Prevention). Law enforcement or investigative experience in and of itself will not suffice to fulfill this requirement. Candidate should specify job titles and responsibilities. All relevant experience should be listed in the application.
  • Post-secondary education at some level must be documented. This can be college courses or other substantial instruction in any subject given by a corporate, military, governmental or educational organization covering forty (40) or more hours. Courses in communications, supervision, leadership, etc. are all examples of post-secondary education.
  • Five years teaching experience or equivalent.

Program Guidelines

  • Completion of CPO / CSSM Program, followed by Train the Trainers Program delivered by IFPO.
  • CPOI Application Submitted to IFPO for review and approval.

What will you get?

  • Three days Train the Trainer (TOT) program
  • Two days for Tasks, Knowledge areas, Competencies descriptions and analysis of CPO & CSSM Programs
  • Each delegate will deliver a 30 minutes presentation on a given topic, to demonstrate his instructional ability.
  • Exam
  • Digital Certificate
  • One free retake for each delegate if they fail
  • Listing on IFPO website as CPOI

What are benefits of this course?

The Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) program offered by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) provides several benefits for individuals interested in becoming certified instructors in the security industry:

  • Formal Recognition: The CPOI certification formally recognizes individuals as qualified and certified instructors in the field of protection and security.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Holding a CPOI certification enhances an individual’s credibility as an expert in security training, both within the organization and in the broader industry.
  • Professional Development: The program offers professional development opportunities for security professionals who aspire to take on instructional roles, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Leadership Opportunities: CPOI certification opens up opportunities for leadership roles in security training and education, allowing individuals to contribute to the development of security professionals.
  • Global Recognition: IFPO’s certification is globally recognized, offering individuals the ability to showcase their expertise on an international scale.
  • Elevated Training Skills: The program focuses on teaching effective training techniques, instructional design, and communication skills, ensuring that certified instructors can deliver high-quality training programs.
  • Contribution to Industry Standards: CPOI-certified individuals play a role in maintaining and elevating the standards of security training, contributing to the overall professionalism of the security industry.

Course Benefits (contd.)

  • Networking Opportunities: Certification opens the door to IFPO’s community of security professionals, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.
  • Advancement in Security Education: Certified instructors can contribute to advancing security education by imparting their knowledge and skills to the next generation of security professionals.
  • Personal Satisfaction: For individuals passionate about sharing their expertise and making a positive impact in the security field, becoming a CPOI can bring personal satisfaction through teaching and mentoring.
  • Opportunities for Consultancy: CPOI certification may open doors for individuals to offer consultancy services in security training, sharing their expertise with a broader audience.

Overall, the CPOI program provides a structured path for individuals to transition into instructional roles, bringing benefits to both their personal and professional development and contributing to the overall improvement of security training standards.